Really? Cleveland?

GOP leadership has officially announced that exotic, exciting Cleveland will be hosting the RNC convention in 2016. The final announcement has come after weeks of teasers.

Last month, the RNC selection committee narrowed the convention site shortlist to four cities. Then, last week, they announced that Kansas City and Denver had been eliminated. Yesterday, the Twitterverse was in a frenzy hoping that the RNC would choose between Cleveland and Dallas.

Finally, after you could just about cut the tension with a bullet from your air rifle, the RNC announced this morning that Cleveland was the lucky winner. We hope you're all as tickled as we are with this decision.

While Dallas was a strong contender for the last several months, the appeal of a high-profile GOP event in solidly purple Ohio -- not to mention Johnny Manziel -- eventually swayed the RNC selection committee.

Dallas officials touted a high percentage of Hispanic voters as a key demographic that could be reached if the convention were held here. Also we have Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, not to mention the Cowboys themselves. No, really. DO NOT MENTION THEM.

But although Democratic leadership is increasingly investing time and resources to turn Texas into a battleground state, it will likely be some time before there is any serious battle over Texas electoral votes. For now, the GOP can sleep soundly knowing that Texas, in all likelihood, will remain a firmly red state in 2016. And no Republican president has ever won the White House without winning Ohio.

Still. We hear Cleveland really sucks.