A "Hedonist" (Cough) Stays, Plays in Dallas

Marilyn McDonald writes for something called Hg2 -- "a luxury city guide series coveted by travellers who value both style and substance when it comes to soaking up a city." I don't see Dallas included in its series of Hedonists Guide-books between Courchevel and Damascus. But who knows: McDonald seemed to have an awful good time in Dallas per her write-up in the U.K. Independent this morning.

On her to-do list: the W, Sammy's Bar-B-Q, NorthPark Center, Deep Ellum, PM Nightlife Lounge, Fearing's, the Mansion and the Arboretum, with a few other pit stops in between. For the, um, hedonist, some interesting choices -- who knew Sammy's was a pick-up joint. (One of the so-so meat market's many awesome sides, perhaps?) Sounds like someone had fun: "I wake up with a thumping headache to match the bass of last night's music. I can't remember what happened to the bartender or the cowboy ..."