Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Is the Worst Elementary School In North Texas, Say Data

Yesterday, the nonprofit Children at Risk released its annual rankings of North Texas public and charter schools. Dallas ISD performed incredibly well, its magnets snatching seven of the top 10 slots in the high school rankings. Newly minted educator Deion Sanders fared considerably worse.

The Fort Worth campus of Sanders' Prime Prep Academy came in dead last amongst 1,068 elementary schools in the region, earning a composite score of .61 on a 100-point scale. That would place Prime Prep at the bottom of schools in metropolitan Houston, the other area Children at Risk evaluates.

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Not that anyone who's watching the unfolding Prime Prep debacle will be surprised, what with Sanders threatening to break necks and kids getting evicted from school.

Children at Risk explains its methodology here. For elementary school, it's a mixture of third- and fourth-graders' performance on STAAR tests, attendance rates, class size and poverty.

The rankings aren't definitive. Maybe Prime Prep would have come in next to last if you used different metrics or if they were weighted differently, but tweaking the calculations wouldn't change the fact that Prime Prep is doing an abysmal job of educating kids.

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