Watch an Off-Duty DART Driver's Expletive-Laced Brawl on an Oak Cliff Bus

This, no matter what the DART-phobic among you might assume, is not what the average bus ride is like. Nor is it what your average DART driver is like. Sure, most are less than jovial, and that sidelong glance they cast as you step on board could be interpreted as a glare, but they typically steer clear of eardrum-shattering profanity and threats of physical harm.

The video, posted to YouTube last month, shows two women fighting on what is identified as route 161 through Oak Cliff in October.

The uniformed DART operator shown brawling in the video is off duty, but as agency spokesman Morgan Lyons told The Dallas Morning News, the clip "depicts violations of policy regarding professional demeanor and conduct."

The agency has opened a second investigation into the incident in response to the video.

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