Tearing Down Reunion, Building Up the Dallas Convention Center Arena

The city council's Economic Development Committee will deal this morning with how to best tear down Reunion Arena: slowly but surely. Should be a nine-month-long, $6-million affair, and it'll look to begin with the removal of asbestos from the old arena -- itself, a three-month job, which begs the question, just how much asbestos was in that place, anyhow? And while the city will stash the obvious keepsakes -- "dedicatory items, photos, plans, lease agreements" -- it will dispose of other items in a three stages, with the Dallas Convention Center getting "any equipment that can help in its operation" at the top of the list.

The other items will be sold off -- first, to "other City Departments," then at public auction with Convention and Event Services getting the dough from the garage sale. (Me, I'd like an old chair from the arena -- something in green. Also, how much does a JumboTron go for these days? Because my bedroom TV's about to go.) Turns out, not only is the city looking to tear down Reunion ASAP -- beginning of next year, all goes to plan -- but also spruce up the Convention Center Arena, which seats up 9,816 but is used only 164 out of 365 days. (Love the part of the memo titled: "Convention Center Arena: What Is It?" Um, isn't it the old Dallas Memorial Auditorium -- legendary venue, home to the Dallas Chaparrals and countless concerts, including Elvis and this famous one back in '64. Zeppelin played there plenty, including after the jump.) It also needs a ton of work, including ... wait, a fire alarm? That can't be right. --Robert Wilonsky

Led Zeppelin Dallas Memorial Auditorium 04/03/1975