C'mon, No "Told Ya So"?

NBA ref and alleged game-fixer Tim Donaghy, who, we're pretty sure, is somehow related to Jack Donaghy. We just don't know how yet.

John Walters of NBC Sports reminds us this morning that in 2001, Mark Cuban said of NBA referee Ed Rush, who's also the league's Director of Officiating: "His interest is not in the integrity of the game or improving the officiating. The No. 1 priority of Ed Rush is maintaining power. There's no question in my mind that David Stern is not the most powerful man in the game. It's Ed Rush." It was a sentiment for which Cuban was filed half a million.

But in the wake of what could turn out to be the biggest scandal in the league's history, the Dallas Mavericks' owner is considerably more contemplative: "As bad as the allegations facing the NBA today are, its also an opportunity to face every allegation that has ever been directed towards the NBA and its officials and pre-empt them from ever occurring in the future. Calamity can be a catalyst for significant change." Incidentally, how long do you think this stays up? Methinks the doc's just a little less proud of that eye-surgery endorsement this morning. --Robert Wilonsky