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One Million Moms Takes Credit for GCB Getting Canceled, Almost Makes Us Wish It Wasn't

You're probably still recovering from this weekend's news that GCB, the all-cartoon character depiction of Dallas's blonde and faithful, has been canceled.

One Million Moms couldn't be more pleased. They're the American Family Association-backed protest group who's been calling for the big-haired heads of the show's cast since it first aired.

As OMM posted on their Facebook page Monday:

God is using to help get this smut off T.V.! As the hands and feet for the Lord, we are making a real difference. "GCB" got axed by ABC and won't be coming back for a second season. Praise the Lord! Jesus Christ will not be mocked! #GCB

OMM had been pushing for various companies to quit showing ad spots during the show. Now they're pretty sure they managed to achieve that, despite the fact, as they acknowledge elsewhere on the site, that some of those companies actually block incoming emails from them.

There's also a small possibility that in addition to calling down God's wrath and all, the show's waffling ratings and terrible reviews might have also played a factor in its cancellation. Now Texas caricature fans will have to twiddle their thumbs until June 13, when the revamped version of Dallas premieres.

But what of One Million Moms? Now that their main foe has been vanquished, will they be content to sit at home and embroider a series of pillows with the text of the entire book of Revelation?

On the contrary! They've still got a number of active campaigns, including a crusade against JC Penney for showing a middle-aged married couple in their most recent catalog, both of whom happen to be women.

More crucially, OMM has launched a new effort against TruGreen, who recently put out a commercial in which some dude exclaims, "What the Fffffff---front yard?"

"The actor begins to say the F-word and then switches to front yard," OMM explains. "This is not enough to cover up what he meant to say. Parents find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary. Does TruGreen desire for our children to have dirty mouths?"

Godspeed, ladies.