PETA's Bringing the Naked Protest Back to Downtown Tomorrow at Noon

On Monday, in the comments to Daniel's item about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protesting Fort Worth's libraries for hopping into tent with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, longtime Friend of Unfair Park Religion of Bacon complained that "PETA lost all credibility when they stopped using naked women in their protests." Good news, then: PETA's just sent word that tomorrow at noon, Meggan Anderson -- an actress, American Apparel model and PETA member -- will be at the southeast corner of Main and Akard Streets at noon tomorrow "wearing nothing but shackles and covered in 'scars' from violent 'beatings'" as PETA continues its campaign against the Greatest Show on Earth. She's warming up at this very moment down in Austin, where, at 6th and Congress, she's presently naked and wrapped in cellophane. Sounds hot. Like, literally. Like, unsafe.