Bush Ain't Coming Straight to Dallas. There's Some Kinda Party in Midland.

During this morning's White House press briefing, press secretary Dana Perino laid out George Bush's plans for January 20, which don't involve heading directly to Dallas:

President Bush will depart from Andrews Air Force Base and head to Midland, Texas, where he will participate in a welcome home event in Centennial Plaza, which is the town square. And you'll recall that Midland is where the send-off event for President-Elect and Mrs. Bush took place in January of 2001.

Following the event, the President will fly to Waco, Texas, and then will spend the night at his ranch in Crawford.

This is news certain to disappoint one Jim Schutze. So when'll he be moving into his new Dallas digs? Said Laura Bush today, after debuting the new White House's new $550,000 china pattern, "once the paint dries." I'd like to watch that. (Oh, and there's probably that gate thing too.) Till then, then, this photovideo of the X-Presidents gathered today at the White House. --Robert Wilonsky