"Bravo to the Daring Dallasites!"

Work precluded me from listening to today's Think on KERA-FM (90.1), which I swear I'll listen to one of these days. So until the local NPR affiliate posts its podcast, I'll just have to take Wonkette's word that New Yorker film critic David Denby, Think-ing today in Dallas whilst pimpingpromoting his hardback essay Snark, was greeted by caller "Laura in Irving" with a "HEROIC" heap of whatchotalkinboutdaviddenby concerning what the site says are copious errors in his teensy tome. If nothing else, rare to see this accolade amongst the Wonkette comments: "Bravo to the daring Dallasites!" Which, coincidentally, was the name of my grandfather's underwater act in 1919, just before he was killed during a horrific snark attack.

Update: The podcast is now available. Was hoping for some WWE; alas, it was just NPR.