Christina Morris' DNA, Phone Records Show She Was in Trunk of Friend's Car, Cops Say

Enrique Arochi was angry, cops say, because one of his friends declined his sexual advances. Not content to end a night that began, he told police, with an Adderall and continued with 10 shots of Captain Morgan's at a friend's apartment and three to five beers at a Shops at Legacy bar, Plano police say Arochi left a parking garage at the Plano shopping center with Christina Morris in the trunk of his car.

A probable cause affidavit first obtained by KTVT says that a swab taken from the bumper of Arochi's 2010 Camaro matched Morris' DNA perfectly. Her cell phone, police say, pinged multiple cell towers as Arochi drove to the house he shared with his mother after leaving the parking garage. He arrived at the house, located in Allen, 40 minutes after police say he kidnapped Morris.

Trash from the residence scoured by police revealed cleaning supplies -- they say the Camaro looked like it had just been cleaned the first time they saw it -- and a note written in Spanish referring to a black shirt and text messages from the night of August 29 and the morning of August 30, the last time anyone saw Morris. The car had damage on its right-front fender and Arochi had bruising and scratching on his right arm, police say. Arochi told them that one of the car's wheels had fallen on him while he was "turning his tires around" and he'd punched the fender in anger. A worker at Huffines Collision Center in Plano told police that the damage to the car was inconsistent with the accident Arochi described.

Just over five hours after Morris' cell phone's last recorded ping -- at 4:47 a.m. on August 30 off a tower just north of the Shops at Legacy -- Arochi was captured on video at an Allen Exxon station, using a squeegee to wipe down the outside of his car's trunk.

Arochi remains in Collin County Jail facing an aggravated kidnapping charge. His bail is $1 million.