Jack Klugman Smokes Pot??

No, actually, it's your other favorite Quincy. As in Quincy Carter, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who led the team to the playoffs in 2003 only to be surprisingly and mysteriously cut six days into 2004 training camp. As with most transactions not involving Terrell Owens, Cowboys management remained tight-lipped about releasing their starting quarterback. To this day, owner Jerry Jones has only said publicly that it "wasn't a hard decision." But despite the pleas of their fans, no reason, much less a detailed explanation, was ever given.

Now, thanks to Carter resurfacing as the newest member of the Canadian Football League, we know the rest of the story. Seems Carter has/had an affection for the wacky weed, which not only will get you in trouble with the law and the league, but will also ruin your credibility with the media. Less than two months before his release by Dallas, I interviewed Carter at Valley Ranch. As he said back in June '04, "God's blessed me with special athletic abilities, and it's important for me that everything--everything--I do be a reflection of His spirit." Well, almost everything. Or was he giving us a subtle hint: "do be"? --Richie Whitt