Dallas County's Made It Easier Than Ever To Follow Along As Election Results Come In

My, my, but the county's come a long way. Used to be, way back when, us media folks just got occasional updates as precincts' results came in. No more: Now, as evidenced by the Craig Watkins-Danny Clancy count that just came in with 24 out of 737 precincts reporting, those playing along at home can get voting summaries, maps and myriad other details previously unavailable till way after the fact. Hence, there's no need to barrage you, as in years past, with the this-just-ins as our folks in the field gather color between cocktails. (And the city's keeping tabs on how Dallas -- and Collin and Denton -- are going with the wet-dry propositions.)

Speaking of details, Sam sends word from the Dems' wingding at the AAC:

Candidates finally starting to show up. So far: Helen Giddings, Beth Villarreal, Joe Wells. Larry Duncan's also on hand. Still no Darlene Ewing. Despite a narrow lead, Wells says, "I think I still have a job, and you can quote me on that." Wells is holding his first grandbaby, a girl, who's wearing a campaign tee turned into a dress.
Man. That, right there, that's a priceless detail. Worth every cent you paid for it. More to come.