DPD Wanna-Be Claims Recruiter Wanted Him to Assume the Hiring Position

Courtesy Courthouse News today comes this lawsuit filed two weeks ago in Dallas County District Court: Bernard Veasley claims he wanted to be a Dallas police officer. Claims he was this close to suiting up in blue. That is, until his recruiting officer -- who is not named in the suit, in which the city of Dallas and Chief David Kunkle are named as defendants -- told him to put out or get out:

In approximately February of 2009, Plaintiff began interviewing for a position with the Dallas Police Department. During the interview process, Defendants' recruiting officer told Plaintiff that he would be hired for the position if he engaged in sexual relations with her. Plaintiff refused to engage in sexual relations with the recruiting officer. Shortly after notifying the recruiting officer that he would not engage in sexual relations with her, the recruiting officer informed Plaintiff that he would not be hired for the position. Despite any reasons provided by Defendants as to the reason for failing to hire Plaintiff, these reasons are false, and in actuality, Plaintiff was not hired because Plaintiff refused to engage in sexual activity with Defendants' recruiting officer.