Hello Cowboys, Goodbye Rangers

The Rangers couldn't have picked a worse time for their worst flop of the year. Big series against the New York Yankees. Big attendance. Big media attention. Uh-oh. Climaxed by last night's excruciating 8-7 loss to the Bronx Bombers, the Rangers were swept. And now, thanks to the Cowboys officially signaling the start of football season with the opening of training camp tomorrow in Oxnard, California, the Rangers will be swept under the rug. While the metroplex fawns over everything from Terrell Owens to that heated battle for backup right offensive tackle, the Rangers must deal with their reality. They aren't ready for prime time. Their bullpen, which allowed six runs in the final two innings Wednesday, is not reliable. And they are now in third place, 1� games behind Oakland in the very mediocre American League West. Even if Texas sneaks into the playoffs, their play against baseball's big boys indicates they will be overmatched and likely swept. Not that anyone will notice. --Richie Whitt