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Bobby Jack Pack Takes Aim at Dealey Plaza

A Friend of Unfair Park sends word that the great Bobby Jack Pack, a Best of Dallas winner and local film-making institution, is this close to wrapping a documentary on Dealey Plaza and, more specifically, those populate the site where President John Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. He describes it thusly:
The main focus of the film is everyday life at Dealey Plaza today. People who earn a living giving tours and selling newspapers. Tourists who travel from all over the world to take a snapshot while standing on the X. Protesters who use Dealey to hold demonstrations. Celebrities who stage publicity stunts at Dealey. Researchers who come to Dealey hoping to solve the crime of the century. The annual November 22nd memorial. The city of Dallas and The Sixth Floor Museum. There's always something happening in Dealey Plaza. Our goal is to make this movie both enlightening and entertaining.
But, as evidenced by plea and trailer above, Bobby needs the finishing funds -- $15,000, by his estimation. Which is why he's taken to Kickstarter to raise the dough, with contributors receiving various goodies depending upon the amount pledged. As in: Five thou gets you an original JFK painting by BJP, not to mention an associate producer's credit. And a tee-shirt. For starters. Or kickstarters, as it were.