News Hawk

Turns out WFAA-Channel 8's Erin Hawksworth's reporting is also beautiful. On last night's 10 o'clock newscast, Erin provided the first interview with former Dallas Cowboys kicker Mike Vanderjagt since his unceremonious release last week. The bubbly, buxom reporter bumped into Vandershank while he was playing golf with cornerback Terence Newman at Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine on the players' day off.

Vanderjagt didn't talk smack or upchuck any sour grapes, but the fact he was still in town and still friendly with teammates was kinda newsy. Said Vanderjagt in a rare fit of humility, "I don't have any hard feelings." Weirdest thing was that the right-footed Vanderjagt is a left-handed golfer. Video during Hawksworth's segment showed the kicker creaming a drive straight down the fairway, prompting line of the week, OK, maybe of the night, to smart-ass anchor Dale Hansen: "If he'd hit his kicks as straight as his drives he'd still have a job." Touche. --Richie Whitt