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About Time, Maybe the Best Norah Jones Song Yet. You'd Best Hustle.

Look, because I love -- and because it's late, and who knows, maybe you too gots nothing better to do -- here's a tip: Go here. The sooner, the better, I'd say. You never know how long these things stick around, and by "these things," I mean a very, very good leaked track from Norah Jones' forthcoming album Not Too Late, which is due on Tuesday.

We've linked to a few other leaks here and there, but they all pretty much sounded like the same ol' Norah Jay -- light-pop by way of lite-jazz, which is cool if you can't tell the dif between a macchiato and a frappucino and think music oughta be the same way. But the track up there now, "Sinkin' Soon," delivers on Jones' promise to do something, ya know, different. The laid-back, creepin'-on-all-fours "Sinkin' Soon," with its wanh-wanh-wanh N'Orleans trumpet-blowin' and back-porch banjo-pickin' and M. Ward guestin', is a sultry, grown-up piece of work -- more lowdown than Sweet'N Low, bless her. Shit, man -- finally. --Robert Wilonsky