TXU Doesn't Wanna Talk to Mayor in Front of Media. Pussies.

Me, I'm outta town, so I don't much care about the fact that TXU Corp. has opted not to take the deposition of Mayor Laura Miller, which was scheduled for Tuesday. Well, I do care, actually: Our own Jim Schutze was supposed to attend, along with some nine other media types the mayor invited to witness what were sure to be thrilling legal proceedings concerning TXU's trying to choke us all to death with 11 coal-fired power plants. (Did I just say that out loud?) I was invited, but, ya know, Sundance and all. So Jim was gonna go. Now, he can stay home and watch Nickelodeon, as usual.

At about 9:30 Monday morning, the mayor sent to TXU's attorney, John Riley, a list of 10 media members who were going to join the deposition party. At 9:44 a.m., Riley shot back a missive to Miller and her attorney at the firm Susman Godfrey a note that said he was none to pleased with the mayor's "clear attempt to turn this deposition into a media event." That, Riley wrote, "is not our intention." (Is it wrong that I am so in love with the mayor over this? Gasoline, meet match. Or coal. Whatever.)

This went back and forth for the rest of the day, and by the end of Monday, well, TXU decided the mayor didn't need to be deposed -- at least, not in front of TV cameras and tape recorders. Well, that sucks. After the jump, the mayor's official statement on the whole aborted affair. --Robert Wilonsky

Statement from Mayor Laura Miller

"Susman Godfrey informs me that TXU has decided not to proceed with the deposition they were going to take of me tomorrow morning at 9 am at Susman Godfrey's Dallas office.

John Riley, TXU's attorney with the firm Vinson Elkins, told Susman Godfrey's Terry Oxford that they were canceling the deposition due to the presence of the media.

It is unfortunate that a company that wants to keep the lights on in Texas wants to do it all in the dark, away from public scrutiny.

This is a public hearing process, and we elected officials in the Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition believe this entire process should be fully open to the public.

From the beginning, TXU did not want the Coalition to be part of the permit process, which is why it fought so hard to keep us from getting standing in these cases. Now that we have obtained standing, they are still fighting to keep this process a closed one. We object."