Meet DISD's Other Mike Miles, The 9-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy

I have a Google Alert set up for Mike Miles, e.g. DISD's new superintendent, so that whenever his name is mentioned on the Interwebs, I get an email. The past couple of weeks, though, the inbox has been flooded not with news of the MarineArmy Ranger-turned-school reformer but with a 9-year-old who, I am told, is uncommonly good at playing basketball. A prodigy, you might say.

I didn't realize until Fox 4 picked up the story yesterday that the kid is from Dallas, that he is the next Allen Iverson, and that a story about him is woefully incomplete without a clip of Superintendent Mike watching his namesake in action.

The kid's good. Damn good, as you can see from the overproduced video above. That crossover is straight up sick. And those no look passes are almost Magic-esque. Now, quickly, let's stop talking about him before his hour-long ESPN special declaring which middle school he'll be taking his talents to.