Angela Hunt Says Enough's Enough When It Comes to Ross Avenue, Dang It

Angela Hunt just posted to her blog some thoughts on the City Plan Commission's vote yesterday not to rename Ross Avenue for Cesar Chavez. She wants to make this very clear: No way, no how, no, sir, she does not support renaming one square inch of Ross Avenue, not for nobody. And, far as she's concerned, this renaming nonsense has become too "divisive," was handled poorly by the council and its committees and has gone on long enough:

Frankly this debate has taken time away from more important city issues. The residents I talk with are concerned about crime, code enforcement, and the poor condition of our streets. That is not to diminish Mr. Chavez's accomplishments or his worthiness to have a street in Dallas named for him, but no street renaming should consume this much of the council's time or energy.
And if I read her blog correctly, she'd totally be on-board with something like, oh, Trini Lopez, maybe? (Note to Emilio Velasquez Jr.: I think I found the woman who might be able to help with your cabras.) --Robert Wilonsky