Knee-Jerk Gun Buying, Pig Organs and a Bogus Gold Glove

The first sip: After all the media hype surrounding the increased turnout in this year’s election, national numbers show it wasn’t really much different from 2004.

The second sip: “So less than 48 hours after Democrat Barack Obama was elected president, Craig went out to buy an M-4 rifle.”

The third sip: Genetically-modified pigs are being bred to supply transplant organs for humans, with kidneys expected to be available within three years and widespread use anticipated within a decade.

The fourth sip: Are blogs making newspapers irrelevant?

The fifth sip: Rangers shortstop Michael Young won his first Gold Glove award yesterday, which, as ESPN’s Rob Neyer points out, was amazing since Young is one of the worst everyday shortstops in recent history. Unfortunately, this will likely make moving Young to another position much more difficult.

The final gulp: Ed Bark hearts NBC’s 30 Rock more than ever and takes credit for noting that star Tina Fey resembles Sarah Palin on August 29, although he says, “I didn't have time to check any other Web sites.” --Sam Merten