U.S. Rep. Roger Williams' Cleburne Office Hung With Tea Bags, "Douchebag Republican" Signs

In Cleburne, of all places, U.S. Rep. Roger Williams' district office door was "vandalized," he tweets, with signs that read "WE'VE HAD ENOUGH TEA. THANKS," "IT'S TIME TO VOTE YOU OUT," "ANTI AMERICAN RACIST" and, with a Donald Trump flourish, "YOU'RE FIRED."

Tea bags were also hung from the door frame, though it's worth pointing out that he actually defeated the Tea Party candidate for his seat last year.

His office says the Cleburne police removed the items and filed the incident under "criminal mischief." "This behavior cannot be tolerated," Williams tweets, referring to the signs and tea bags as "hate speech."

The incident comes during day two of the federal government's partial shutdown, caused by Republicans' insistence that a vote to continue to fund the government be paired with a delay or dismantling of Obamacare.

Apparently, even in Cleburne, there exist people (or a person) who have had enough.

It isn't clear at this point whether Williams is among the swelling ranks of Republicans willing to vote for a budget that does not contain a party platform wishlist. Asked this very question, a spokesperson from his office said in an email to Unfair Park: "Rep. Williams will continue fighting to defund, repeal or dismantle Obamacare. So far, there has been no bill put forward that funds the government without halting funds for or making changes to the healthcare law."

We pressed the spokesperson about whether Williams would vote for such a bill if it were put forward. "(Rep. Williams) stands firm on his stance that we have to get back to a budget process and regular order of bills," his office said.

It's unlikely that even a significant percentage of his district feels as the alleged vandals do. That's because the 25th Congressional District has been gerrymandered into a ludicrous form that stretches jaggedly from Cleburne all the way down to Cedar Park, just northwest of Austin. This district has been designed to be ideologically homogeneous, which is an important contributing factor to why Williams' party has led the country into this current quagmire.