No, I Said Mustang

Ladies, if Amber Campisi is your role model--or if your turn-ons merely include someone who's "confident but not cocky," as if--well, now's your chance to play catch-up.

We got a press release yesterday from the fine folks at Playboy, who just wanted to let us know they'd be in the area next Monday and Tuesday "looking for female SMU students to appear in a 'Girls of the Conference USA' pictorial," like we've never used that line before. (On the same day, Playboy talent scouts will be at Tulane University and the University of Central Florida; not quite the same as the good ol' days of the Southwest Conference, not by the longest of long shots.) The spread's scheduled to run in the May 2007 issue, so hustle up to the Hilltop next week, but only if you're a full- or part-time Conference USA student, so, Mom, seriously, you're out of the running. Want more info, go here. Then here.

Till then, here is my favorite part of the press release:

"You'll have the opportunity to interview the Playboy photographer on site, the Playboy stylist/producer, and female SMU students who are auditioning. You are welcome to bring a photographer with you as well; they'll be able to shoot non-nude photos of women waiting in line, filling out paperwork, auditioning in bikinis, and interviewing with Playboy staff. Please contact me if you need any additional information."

There are, like, 18 things in that one paragraph that make me so proud I got into journalism I can't tell you. --Robert Wilonsky