Why Just Hitch a Ride on a DART Bus?

Didn't wind up with one of those Dallas Fire-Rescue pumper trucks up for auction last month, which is just as well -- wouldn't have had room for one of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses that went up for grabs late yesterday on my favorite everything-must-go Web site. Really, it just makes more sense to buy a bus. So much more practical.

You can do what this feller did and transform an old bus into an eco-friendly RV. Or, you can use them to shuttle the elderly. Or, you can start your own family band. Or, you can use it to transport a prostitute from Las Vegas to Phoenix so she can testify in a high-profile Mob case. Or you could just let all kids ride free. Me, I've got my eye on this old coach, which appears to have last been used as a State Fair of Texas Flyer. Always did want a classic mid-'60s GM.