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TLC's Looking for Local Fashion Disasters, and MTV's Sending a Dallas "Gutter-Mouthed Girl" to UK Finishing School

Two makeover items for those in need of refreshing. First, we received word that TLC's What Not to Wear will be casting here in the near future. So, Friends of Unfair Park, that of course means a rare chance for you or your favorite frenemy to be utterly humiliated in exchange for $5,000 in new duds and a trip to New York. And don't worry, there are no stereotypes involved -- just check out the e-mail being sent around to local film folk. It's after the jump. Delightful.

Also, this just in from MTV: On February 9, the worst network in the world will debut The Girls of Hedsor Hall, an Americanization of the UK reality show Ladette to Lady in which "12 of the rowdiest, most foul-mouthed women in America" are shipped off to England to become "proper young ladies." (You stay classy, producer Donald Trump.) And, of course, there's a Dallasite in the mix, Lillian, described in the media release thusly:

She's a college grad from Dallas with her eye on a Masters degree in psychology, but you'd never know it. Lillian is a wild, gutter-mouthed girl who parties five nights a week and doesn't think twice about hitting on another woman's man at a nightclub. She hopes that winning this show will be the kickstart she needs to get back in school and on the right track.
If Lillian is naughty and idle, she shall sleep in the back kitchen amongst the black beetles, and be walloped by Mrs. Pearce with a broom stick.

What Not to Wear CASTING in DALLAS/FORT WORTH....including surrounding areas!

TLC is coming to Dallas and we need YOU to nominate a friend, family member or co-worker whose wardrobe is screaming for a make-over! The city is filled with unique individuals who aren't dressing to their full potential! After all, this is the FASHION capital of the south! Do you know a cute cowgirl who's hiding under tomboy work clothes? Do you know that stereotypical Dallas woman whose roots are toooooo blond, clothes tooooo tight, makeup toooo thick and nails tooooo long??? Below are some of the SPECIAL EPISODES: NOW Casting:

The BIG D! Big Hair, Big Bust!
Musician/Singer whose style has the Blues!
Pageant Mom Makeover
The Preachers Wife
Beauty Queen Gone Bad!
Oil Executive...
....and any other idea!

About the show: "WHAT NOT TO WEAR" is a fashion make over show for women! The show provides fashion advice to people nominated by friends/family/ co-worker as someone who desperately needs a style overhaul! Fashion experts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly then confront the person and reveal their plan to teach them "WHAT NOT TO WEAR" sorting through the person's current wardrobe and providing them with rules for maximizing their best assets and personal style. They are given a Visa card worth $5,000, A trip to New York City to shop at the best stores! Hair cut & style and Makeup! Plus, the chance to show family and friends their great new look!

To Nominate Some one: Send an email with 2 pics, her name, age, size, height, location, marital status, occupation, style and why we should choose her ! Be sure to include YOUR contact info as well!

Contact: Lisa Weber in the DFW metro area, Contract Casting, 214-929-3731