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Some Trower Power, As We Dig Up Yet Another Komplete KZEW Koncert From Early 1975

Hell of a time to get (re)obsessed with KZEW concerts -- only, what, 35 years after the fact? But when a Friend of Unfair Park sent me chasing after the Peter Frampton show, look what I found instead last night -- Robin Trower at the Travis Street Electric Company on March 20, 1975.

This, like the Freddie King and Frampton shows and others we've yet to track down, was broadcast on The Zoo, and it's a complete show. You are there, down to the jocks' opening how-do's and end-of-show thank-you's. (And, right, where was the Travis Street Electric Company? From what I understand, it's the present-day location of Little Katana.) The KZEW tribute page has but a brief snippet from the show, along with the following show info:

March 20th 1975 - The ZOO approaches Robin Trower who was in town supporting Humble Pie, with hopes of him doing a live KZEW broadcast from January Sound Studios. Robin Trower was hip to the idea, but wanted a live audience. What resulted was Robin performing live at the Travis Street Electric Company to a packed house. Brought to you live by KZEW's Mike Taylor at the show and Mark Christopher back at the ZOO studio. Also on the bill is Mahogany Rush, whose performance would be taped and broadcast on the ZOO the next night.
Guess I'll look for that later. (Maybe.) To be honest, I didn't think I was much of a Robin Trower fan till I heard this. Or does all British boogie rock from the mid-'70s just sound that much better all these years later? Yes, yes it does.