Tomorrow Night in Deep Ellum, Kettle Art's Selling Local Pieces to the Highest Bidders

Those with blank walls and no Saturday night plans had best take note: Kettle Art down in Deep Ellum's the site of The Whole Show tomorrow, a silent auction during which ... lessee if I counted this right ... 47 artists will be selling off their works to the highest bidder. Word is, opening bids all commence at the $25 mark, a steal when you consider the high-priced talent amongst the roster of those on hand and on the wall tomorrow:

Alexandra Harris, Amber Campagna, Andrew Tolentino, Ange Fitzgerald, Barry Kooda, Brian Crawford, Brittney Scheffer, Cathey Miller, Cheryl Baker, Chris Doucet, Clint Scism, Corey Godfrey, Courtney Huntress, Dylan Hollingsworth, Edward Ruiz, Erica Felicella, Frank Campagna, George Fowler, George Wallace III, Guy Reynolds, Hal Samples, Havi Frost, Herbert Wright, Jason Ice, Jessie Smith, Jonathon Kimbrell, Jorge Dominguez, Kate Mackley, Levi Leddy, Mark Nelson, Michelle McLaughlin, Mike Salcido, Pat Ramseur, Patrick Chad Young, Orlando Hernandez Cerda, Randy Dillon, Richard Brannin, Richard Ross, Rick Fender, Rob Conover, Rosalinda Gomez, Scott Dorn, Scott Mankoff, Sean Fitzgerald, Susan Migdol, Travis Bush and Tyson Summers
The bidding commences at 7 p.m. And speaking of Jonathon Kimbrell, this reminder: Tonight at The Soda Gallery is the kick-off for his new line of Junkytees, Deathray of Sunshine.