A Cop Watcher Was Almost Killed by a Drunk Driver After Surveilling a DWI Checkpoint

You can't make this stuff up. Early on the morning of November 25, Kory Watkins, cop-watcher extraordinaire and face of Open Carry Tarrant County, says he was hit by a drunk driver on his way home from a cop watch. The watch's target? A DWI checkpoint.

In Watkins own words (via Facebook):

"So last night on my way home from cop watching a drunk driver was going around 100 mph and smashed into the back of me, I could not control the car , I went sideways, then flipped 3 times, hit a cement piller to stop my roll and put me in a ditch on The side of 287. I was 2 miles always from being home. I am incredible lucky to be breathing. I can't tell you how lucky I am to be alive."

The post, which has since be deleted, also included this:

"I see a few sick I individuals taken time to think this is a joke or it's funny that the cops helped me, Let me say this. I am happy the police showed up to catch him but I'm trying to figure out where they helped me any..... Was it the part where they showed up 15 minutes after the crime or was it when they wrote me a 300$ ticket after my car was totaled ? Any sick fuck that thinks this is the time to crack irony jokes can go the he'll away. I'm lucky to be alive. There are some sick people that try to take a situation and spin it to fit their beliefs when they don't know crap. Some sick people .... Mother Fucker almost dies and people are joking about it. Disgusting."

We called Watkins to make sure the post, first quoted by the Shore News Network was legit. He confirmed the first statement was his, but said he could neither "confirm nor deny" he'd made the second. He declined to comment further so as not to mess up his insurance claim.

That concern does not extend to Facebook, obviously. Monday night, Watkins took to the social network to expound on his mixed feelings about drunk driving.

"Drunk driving.

I guess I have to explain it for all the people who are claiming I support drunk driving by exposing DUI checkpoints and saying no victim, no crime when it comes to drunk driving. "Kory got what was coming to him, what comes around goes around." Hey, I know if you read this you won't fully digest it, because your brain does not have enough room for self thinking. I do not support drunk driving, I don't support a law against it either. I also don't support checkpoints that violate people's rights, because you are somehow guilty until proven innocent of drunk driving (checkpoints) I support a law against people who drive recklessly and smash into people. There was a victim in my case and that's why there was a crime. If someone goes out to eat and has a few drinks, drives home and is responsible in doing so. Nobody is hurt, no property was damaged, there is no crime. I support the freedom of travel unless you are hurting someone or their property. I do not wish anything bad against the couple that was drunk driving and almost ended my life, I hope this is a wake up call for them to be more responsible, I hope they have a speedy recovery and go back to their lives. I have no hate towards them at all."

Unlike Watkins, some people do see at least a little irony in what happened, as evidenced by this thread on's Officers and Law Enforcement Professionals message board thread, titled: "'Cop Blocker' and Karma :) :)"