That Dallas Reunion? Expect Refunds. At the Very Least. S'Gonna Get Ugly.

Patrick Michels

This was how you got Ken Kerchival's Cliff Barnes: bug him during a smoke break

Not two hours after we made mention of the chaos in Parker Saturday night, during the Dallas reunion that more or less turned into a barbecue-scented Star Trek convention, the Associated Press returns with a he said-she said in which the event producer is blaming Southfork's management company and Southfork's management company is blaming the event producer. To which I'll add this: On my way out, the local guy hired to run sound for Entertainment Tonight slipped me the card for Sally Peavy, tourism sales manager at Southfork Ranch. Said the guy, who I know, "She wants you to know none of this was Southfork's fault." (Peavy wasn't available today.)

Behind-the-scenes folks not directly associated with the event will likely agree, as none could figure out why the show's cast wasn't out in the crowd mingling with fans as promised upon ticket purchase. Much of the time -- especially later into the night -- they were in the house, catching up on old times on someone else's dime. Which, to an outside observer, wasn't their fault.

At one point, Steve Kanaly and Susan Howard -- Ray and Donna Krebbs, natch -- were just standing in a field, anxiously wondering where they were supposed to go and why they weren't with the fans. Howard particularly was upset, insisting there wasn't going to be enough time to meet with the out-of-country folks who paid big bucks for the once-in-a-lifetime shindig.

Finally, the very-helpful Paul Salfen, editor of Envy and a friend of Larry Hagman's, just told them to get into limo and head to the red carpet, for which they were incredibly grateful. --Robert Wilonsky