Who Needs Solar-Powered Water Taxis When You Can Have a "River Liver" in Trinity?

Early this morning, a Friend of Unfair Park tipped us to this Dangerous Minds interview with Freya Bardell, one of the principals in Los Angeles-based eco-art collective Greenmeme. For the past six years, Bardell and Brian Howe have been dropping into the Los Angeles River art installations known as River Livers, described as part sculpture, part water filter.

Three years ago they took the project to San Francisco, where they installed an interactive LED floatie that "would respond to changes in water quality." Now, apparently, they're coming here. From Dangerous Minds, this sneak peek:

Beyond the yearly Los Angeles River ritual, we have installed a series in Stowe Lake and we are planning a 2012 launch of one on the Trinity River, Dallas, TX.

As I keep mentioning our work is site specific, and therefore we were excited to have the opportunity to utilize the paddle boat culture on the Stowe Lake in our artwork by inviting the public to hook the River Livers onto their paddle boats and tow them to different parts of the lake that they thought needed remediation.

Coming up in Dallas, there will be something totally different. We're anxious to delve into the site history and see what emerges. Maybe we could create more of an atoll or invite people to inhabit one of the islands. We have to get there first and see.

I've sent the duo some emails asking for further info; I'll update when they shout back. I also told them Schutze has volunteered to live on their Trinity River island.