Trustee Carla Ranger: "The Dallas ISD Culture is One of Arrogance, Deceit, Cover-up and Cronyism."

DISD school board trustee Carla Ranger

Took her a few days for her to respond, but, at last, Dallas Independent School District trustee Carla Ranger has posted a lengthy essay concerning the school board's Thursday-night vote to extend the trustees' terms from three to four years. Ranger, who's already called the action illegal on numerous occasions, this morning begins her essay by quoting Molly Ivins before cutting to the chase:
Last week's 7-2 vote on adopting four year terms was a reflection of the current willingness of the Dallas ISD Board to use ruthless politics to preserve its power.

The Dallas ISD needs to be cleaned up and cleaned out, beginning with the Board right on through the Superintendent and his deeply flawed administration that appears to have little respect for truth, teachers or taxpayers.

The Dallas ISD culture is one of arrogance, deceit, cover-up and cronyism.
And she's only getting warmed up. --Robert Wilonsky