Two of a Kind. Or UnKind.

Mark Cuban says he wishes Don Nelson all the luck in the world. Yeah--luck, with a capital "f."

I'm supposed to be all jacked up about October baseball and all fixated on tonight's Game 7 of the National League Championship Series between the Mets and Cards. But, nope, not even a little. If Mavs-Spurs Game 7 was a 10, Mets-Cards ranks a three.

Instead of watching guys spit and scratch and getting zombied by endless replays of pitches taken for strikes and listening to Fox's overrated, overbearing Joe Buck, I'll instead be looking at preseason NBA basketball. Ya know, your Mavs are 0-4 in the exhibition season. Panic button yet?

In between scouting D.J. Mbenga's improved footwork and Josh Howard's imminent contract extension agreement--trust me--I'll also be contemplating the similarities between Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. Don't get me wrong: Cuban loves the media and the spotlight and the style surrounding the substance. He's accommodating; Parcells is an asshole. But they share a fiery, unyielding competitive streak. See if you can connect these dots:

Here's Cuban on the departure of former coach Don Nelson to the Golden State Warriors: "Nellie loves to be the underdog and Nellie loves to get paid. Under those circumstances, he's one of the best coaches in NBA history...He likes the hero's role, so Golden State is perfect for him...Things kind of went sour at the end for us. His heart wasn't in it at the end here."

Translation: I was tired of him. I'm glad he's gone. And, privately, I wish him failure.

Here's Parcells on the departure of former offensive coordinator Sean Payton to the Saints and New Orleans' surprising 5-1 start: "I think he is off to a good start...You know, I think it's a little early in the case to start drawing conclusions. Get him 100 games first. That's how you figure it out. See if they can last that long."

Translation: I was tired of him. I'm glad he's gone. And, privately, I'm jealous of his success.

We're lucky to have both Cuban and Parcells. Their egos won't let them lose, especially to former co-workers. Just for the verbal jabs, circle these dates: On November 6 Nellie's Warriors visit the American Airlines Center. And on December 10 Payton's Saints play at Texas Stadium. Betcha a nickel our Dallas teams go 2-0. --Richie Whitt