Some People Throw Out Christmas Trees After the Holidays. Others Toss Their Front Yards.

Last we talked to Jose Escobedo (actually, his daughter Brandy), he wasn't going to yank out his fake lawn, no matter what the city said. But that was in August, before he spent months learning you can't fight City Hall -- especially when it comes to planting turf in a historic district. And so he spent the first Sunday of the new year removing his lawn, as evidenced by this photo taken by Observer senior account exec Warren Nash, a neighbor of Escobedo's in Junius Heights. Reports Warren:

Mad as hell but beaten by the city, he vows to leave bare earth in his front yard forever.  I asked him what he was going to do with the turf -- maybe put it in the backyard? "Oh no, man. I already covered that."
After the jump, what neighbors can expect once the yard's done good and gone.