School's Out: Kent Fischer Quits The News.

First Dallas Independent School District watchdog Allen Gwinn suggests he's shuttin' 'er down -- come 2010, maybe, "then it's somebody else's problem" -- and now this: Kent Fischer, one of two education beat writers at The Dallas Morning News, just announced publicly the resignation he gave his bosses on Monday in the hopes, he writes, of sparing "a couple of colleagues from the wave of layoffs that washed through the newsroom this week."

Probably should have seen this coming when, on Wednesday, Kent offered Dan X. McGraw words of consolation on the DMNCuts blog. McGraw was among the 200 Dallas News employees laid off this week -- and a Metro reporter who seemed to write half the paper's breaking-news items. Wrote Kent, "Your firing tells me all that I need to know about what lies ahead for those left behind, and it looks pretty crappy, frankly." Kent writes that he's going to work for a "respected consulting firm that works with non-profits and philanthropists around the world." Where does one buy those lottery tickets?