Are You Ready For Some (More) Football?

If so, you'll be delighted to know something called the Intense Football League is coming to Dallas. Well, actually, like everything else, it's coming to Frisco.

I don't know a lot about this little venture, but I'm guessing it's a semi-pro, indoor and X-tremely watered-down version of the old XFL. (A moment of silence, please.) Intense? Don't tell me, Bobby Knight is the commissioner? The IFL is made up of nine franchises, including--get this--Anchorage, Alaska. Please don't forward this link to Chris Berman, lest we suffer more frozen tuuuun...shoot me. The other teams are based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and, um, Texas. That's right, the Frisco team will have road games at Belton, Corpus Christi, Katy, Odessa, San Angelo and Alaska. Weird.

But if you've always wanted to be a professional football cheerleader, consider this your big break! Take a second to envision the competition at these tryouts. Sounds like a job (see: column) for Andrea if you ask me. The Frisco franchise, which will unveil its owners, team name and coach at a luncheon thingy today at 1:30 p.m. at Texas Land & Cattle Steak House on Preston Road, will begin play in April and host games at the Dr Pepper StarCenter's Deja Blue Arena. On their good days, the Frisco (mmm, lemme guess, Texans? IKEAs?) will be able to hang with the Desperados. On their crappy days, I'd like to see them on the field with the reigning women's champion Dallas Diamonds. --Richie Whitt