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Giveaway: Everyone's a (Matthew) Weiner!

Fan of The Sopranos? Mad Men? Andy Richter Controls the Universe? Um ... Becker? Then you are already familiar with the name Matthew Weiner, good for you. But how you'd like to see the creator of Mad Men in person? Tomorrow night, no less, at the Casa Mañana Theater in some place called "Fort Worth"? For free? Thought so.

Weiner will be speaking tomorrow night at an American Advertising Federation of Fort Worth shindig about "the development of Mad Men and its characters," and we've been given four second-row tickets to give away. So let's do this: We'll divvy up the foursome into two twosomes. No tricky contest. No Sopranos triva. No Mad Men minutiae. Just e-mail me directly. First two who get through win. And go.

Update: The tickets are all gone. Congratulations to our weine ... winners.