Hey, Our Best Of App Is One of the Best. No, Really. Apple Said So.

As blogs go, Unfair Park is a mostly safe, well-lit space, free of the black-hearted cynicism that infects so many other blogs. (Except when Rick Perry parts his lips.) (Oh, and when Schutze shows up.) (And Patrick! Can't forget about Patrick.) (Anna and Brantley have a little darkness in their hearts too, don't they?) (Hmm ... Maybe it's just Wilonsky and Leslie? They're so damn nice.)

Anyhow. The point is, we're not that cynical. But we are a skeptical lot, loathe to heap praise on anything but the occasional T-shirt or German. So it's notable that one of our accomplishments of the last year was creating a mobile app dedicated to praise-heaping. The Best Of app, a joint project with our sister sites across the land, works to gather the Best Of content from alt-weeklies across the country. I'm looking at the Dallas page right now, and it's giving me all the "nearby winners": The Round-Up (Best Gay Bar, 2011), Buzzbrews (Best 24-Hour Kitchen, 2009), The Grapevine (Best Happy Hour, 2011). And that's just the shit within stumbling distance.

The app was just named one of the iTunes store's best apps of the year. Download it should you so desire. And thank you, as always, for your patronage. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, which I believe is Anna's latest dispatch from the War on Uteri. Uplifting, I'm sure.