Tony, Let's Go Bowling

Tony Romo's in the Pro Bowl, along with QBs Drew Brees and Marc Bulger. That's a sack lunch for ya.

If you saw this day coming, you're clairvoyant. And you should've cashed in. Tony Romo's remarkable emergence was validated today as the quarterback was one of four Dallas Cowboys named to the NFL Pro Bowl. Joining Romo in Honolulu on February 10 will be safety Roy Williams, punter Mat McBriar and linebacker DeMarcus Ware. That's right, no Terrell Owens. More on that delicious omission in a moment.

But first, we're still pinching ourselves about Romo, right? The guy didn't play in the first five and a half games but still leads the NFC in quarterback rating (98.4) and has guided his team into the playoffs by going 6-2 in relief of Drew Bledsoe. Back in July the odds of Romo making the Pro Bowl had to be oh, I dunno, like a million-to-one.

McBriar and his unorthodox backspin lead the league in net punting, and Ware sealed his selection with that amazing interception for a touchdown last Saturday night in Atlanta. But here's where it gets tricky. Williams leads the team with five interceptions, but, come on, anyone who's actually watched a Cowboys game knows he's laughably bad in coverage. It's what we call the ESPN-inazation of professional sports. Williams gets on SportsCenter because of his vicious, once-a-month hits, and the image sticks in voters' minds.

While that trend is troubling, the absence of Owens gives our planet hope yet. Statistically, T.O., a five-time Pro Bowler, has had a great season with a league-leading 11 touchdown catches and ranking among the top 10 in receptions and yards. But, apparently, we're not the only people he rubs the wrong way. Though player voting ended before he spat upon Falcons Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall Saturday night, surely karma cast a "nay." Nonetheless, prepare for a ton of T.O. comments that start with "I" this week.

In other Cowboys news, Everson Walls is still my hero, and playoff tickets went on sale this morning at Texas Stadium or on the Cowboys' Web site. --Richie Whitt