Lakewood Country Club, Also Unhappy With DCAD, Sues Over Its $6.95 Million Valuation

One week ago today we noted that the Dallas Country Club, which sits on 118 acres in the heart of Highland Park, is suing the Dallas Central Appraisal District over its valuation -- a whole $15 million. Today we brings news of yet another country club taking on DCAD: Lakewood's 99-year-old gem on Gaston, which covers around 120 acres -- and sits on the tax rolls at a grand total of $6,950,950 right now. And that, says the complaint filed Friday, is too damn high.

The lawsuit -- which, like the DCC's complaint, is brought to you by the Addison firm of Geary, Porter & Donovan -- follows. Jennifer Tobin, the attorney repping the Lakewood Country Club, wasn't available; Kathleen Donovan, who's handling the DCC's complaint, says through a rep that she'll contact us via email. And no one at DCAD wants to talk about it -- or can. I left a message for Ken Nolan, DCAD's chief appraiser. Long story short: This is an injustice. As in:

Plaintiff alleges that the value placed on the Property is unequal compared to a sample of properties consisting of a reasonable number of other properties similarly situated to, or of the same general kind or character as the Property subject to this appeal. Plaintiff further alleges that the Property is appraised unequally because the appraised value of the Property exceeds the median appraised value of a reasonable number of comparable properties appropriately adjusted.

Plaintiff alleges that the levying of a tax on the Property based on a higher than fair market valuation is an unlawful levy, creates an illegal lien on the Property and is a cloud on Plaintiff's title. Furthermore, Plaintiff may be compelled to pay property taxes based on an erroneous valuation unless the Court intervenes to prevent such injustice.
Just for grins, the next-door Whole Foods, which sits on around three acres, is on the tax rolls at around $4.7 million.

Update at 3:10 p.m.: Donovan responds via email, "It is the policy of Geary, Porter & Donovan, P.C. not to comment on pending litigation."