Richie Related -- But Oh-So-Barely -- to Girls' State Basketball Tourney's MVP

To this point our interaction has been limited to her staring at me during a backyard pool party, no doubt her thought bubble filled with, "Who's that old man?" But today I'm officially claiming Haley Day as my own. I know, you'd also like to claim a close, personal relationship with the Most Valuable Player of last weekend's girls' state basketball tournament in Austin. But how many of you know that Haley is raising a pig, named Chopsy? I do. That's the kind of insight I'm afforded get when the heart and soul of Rockwall's epic team is my -- OK, let's take this slowly -- wife's aunt's husband's niece.

In other words, way out there on the tiniest blossoms of the ends of sapling branches on the family tree, we're practically kissin' cousins. Pretty sure we're not blood relatives, but also damn certain that Day just slapped an exclamation point on her charismatic career. She scored 2,000 points, led Rockwall to a 40-0 season and will next season begin putting SMU women's hoops on the map. By then, I plan to know her on a first-name basis. Or Chopsy, at least. --Richie Whitt