Animal Welfare

A Drowning Dog Was Rescued from White Rock Lake by a Fast-Thinking Animal Control Officer

We can't make you unsee our post about Ricky Davis, the Fort Worth man who raped a 12-year-old family friend. What we can do instead is offer the heartwarming story of Dallas animal control officer Lee Pogue in hopes of balancing out some of the soul-killing negativity we just put into the world.

Pogue, according to a Dallas Animal Service Facebook post, was dispatched to White Rock Lake in response to a report of a drowning dog -- a schnauzer mix of some sort, by the looks of him. Problem was, the dog was too far from the shore to reach. It seemed as if the poor, struggling creature was condemned to a watery grave.

Not on Pogue's watch. He talked the nearby canoe-rental guy out of one of his vessels, then quickly paddled to the dog's rescue. Pogue and the animal returned to shore safely.

You're welcome.