Dallas PD on the Kidnapping That Wasn't

At 10:24 this morning, Dallas Police first sent word that a 6-month-old girl had been kidnapped on Westmoreland Road; a short time after that came that Amber Alert, which turned out to be a false alarm. (Jack E. Jett, take a bow.) Moments ago, Senior Corporal Kevin Janse sent this release detailing what actually happened:

When Missing Persons detectives arrived at the alleged kidnapping this morning, they made contact with the female suspect and began to question her at length. They first asked her for the phone number of the mother of the baby. She stated she did not have it and that the mother was getting her hair done somewhere in another part of town. Eventually her story began to fall apart, and detectives were able to determine there was no kidnapping and that the 6-month-old was never n the car and was, in fact, home with her mother the entire time. The mother and child had no idea what was taking place on Westmoreland.

Apparently, the suspect and her boyfriend had gone to the beauty supply store to purchase something when the suspect ran inside, leaving her boyfriend in the car with the car running. Inside the car was also a large sum of money (a couple thousand dollars) that belonged to the suspect and not the boyfriend. While the suspect was inside the store, someone drove off with the car. The boyfriend was nowhere to be found, so it is believed the boyfriend may have driven off in the car. The car and boyfriend have still not been found to confirm this, but if he did drive off, it will not be a stolen car because he was left in care, control and custody of the car.

The suspect will be charged with a False Alarm or Report causing a public communication (Amber Alert). This is a state jail felony. When she is booked into jail we will release her name.