The Dallas County Commissioners Court, As Seen Through the Eyes of a 15-Year-Old-Girl

Margaret Keliher, a senior, takes the oath during the National High School Mock Trial Championship. Keliher, who hopes to one day be a judge or "something cool like that," said that being in the courtroom was "totally not intimidating."

OMG, like, did you hear that Margaret Keliher and the other Republican commissioners were, like, so mad at each other? And it's weird because, like, they belong to the same party and Mike Cantrell even endorsed Margaret so like everyone thought they'd be BFF but instead it was like opposite day times a million!

So, anyway, like, for years now Keliher says that the county shouldn't spent federal homeland security dollars on the county's new computer system, which is like really old, like an iPod with no video or something. OMG, that is so embarrassing. I think Ashley still has one. Grody.

So, anyhow, like, the other commissioners were telling her the other day to mind her own business and they overruled her voting instead to spend millions of dollars on the computer system, which wound up losing Katie's creepy uncle in jail that one time. But the commissioners got their way and then the state comes in and does this audit thing and, of course, the state, like, totally sided with Margaret. The state so used all these big words but basically said, "Hey, Dallas County, you need to listen up and spend less money on a computer system that like is only kinda sorta about homeland security and instead, like, you should spend your federal bling on like being ready for a disaster." Booyah! That's like totally what Margaret said and if I were there I totally would have been all, "OH SNAP!" but instead the other commissioners went over her head and told the state that they are going to spend their homeland security dollars anyway they want, just being all "K, thx, bye!"

And Margaret Tuesday at the meeting? Her face was like, "Oh, no you didn't!" But the other commissioners were like, Whatever, beaotch. It was, like, insane.

And, like, OMG, like John Wiley Price--he's a total hawttie, btw--like, he totally used to be on Margaret's side on all of this but now all of a sudden he is moving over with the Republicans. Total jerk, right? Like, he signed all these letters to different boards--along with all the other commissioners--asking them to take her off these committees. Like, I totally thought he was with her and now he's so against her. You just cannot trust boys. Right? --Andrea Grimes and Matt Pulle