"There's a Future There": Why Roger Staubach Wants a Piece of Your Texas Rangers

Late yesterday Tom Hicks made it clear: He intends to keep majority ownership of the Texas Rangers, despite all that danged debt. Three would-be buyers have already traipsed through Arlington to meet with Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan, more parties may join the fray before the deadline, but Hicks ain't about to give up the franchise without a fight. Which is why he's invited Roger Staubach, who once owned a teensy piece of the team when Dubya was co-owner, back to the ballpark. Not involved: George W. Bush, Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones.

Richard Durrett, now at ESPN's local offshoot, spoke with the former Cowboys QB about his interest. And Captain Comeback reminded Durrett of his stint in the outfield a long, long time ago:

Staubach said he's always loved baseball and would like to get involved in ownership. He added that he played outfield at Navy and hit .420 his sophomore season.

"Tom is a friend of mine and putting together a local group, and I am committed to investing in that if things come together," Staubach said. "He still has some things to work through, and there are some good groups that are interested in the team. ... I think the fan base is expanding and that there's a future there."