Fine, We'll Take Your Coffee. But We Maintain Our Skepticism.

Spill it in your lap, and you could actually make money.

We already told you about Dunkin' Donuts' big plans to spread franchises and apostrophes all across Texas (see Jesse Hyde's "Time to Make the Doughnuts"), and noted that their expansion's coming just as Starbucks is scaling back.

Well, in a shameless ploy to win over caffeine addicts more accustomed to actually paying for their fix, Dallas-area Dunkin' locations are actually giving away coffee all week.

The news was percolating through the local blogs all weekend, and today the folks at the chain's Preston Road location confirmed it: Walk in, get a free coffee from today until October 12. Same deal every other Monday in October, too.

Far as I'm concerned though, this is still a distant second to their last big advertising coup: --Patrick Michels