Greenhill School Grad, Class of '88, Among the Latest Batch of Project Runway Contestants

Good Lord. Here we go again: Project Runway, which just ended its lifeless run on Lifetime, returns January 14 and brings with its two homegrowns. One's 40-year-old Mila Hermanovski, who boasts what's clearly become the favorite hairstyle among locally grown reality-TV show contestants (cf. Louise Black, Lisa Garza). She writes here that she was born and raised in Dallas (ah, a Greenhill School grad), but has since served as a costumer designer for the likes of Austin Powers in Goldmember, Alias and, cool, Tron Legacy. Also, from Plano, we get 29-year-old Amy Sarabi, who's a "permalancer at Men's Active Old Navy." Of course, neither now lives here: Hermanovski's in L.A.; Sarabi, Oakland. Merritt, this one's all yours.