ESPN, You've Been Strurminated

The "B" in The Ticket's BaD Radio show

Deadspin's been decidedly Dallas-centric in recent days, but never more so than moments ago, when it posted a photo of KTCK-AM's Bob Sturm, who kinda says that, yeah, ESPN's ripping off his 7-year-old concept that involves power-ranking NFL franchises throughout the league's existence. To which ESPN's Josh Krulewitz responds with a, Wha? Who? Us? Wha? Or, more accurately: "I checked with editors and they say there's nothing to the "ripoff" claim. They weren't even aware of what this other site was doing." Really, you have to like the Deadspin description of Sturm in the headline: "This Innocent-Looking Bald Man." --Robert Wilonsky