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Everything You Wanted To Know About Wet-Dry Election But Were Afraid to Ask

As we glance ahead to the city council's briefing agenda for Wednesday, we see they'll take up the potential local option election on November 2 that would result in the entirety of the city getting wet -- which is to say, the petition drive demanding beer and alcohol sales citywide. The part you're probably most interested in begins on Page 24 of the briefing: the frequently asked questions, each of which has an answer provided by Dallas City Attorney Tom Perkins.

Such as: "If the election is successful, when will alcohol sales be allowed?" Well, since you asked: "Legalization takes effect at the time that the results of the election are officially canvassed. But it takes about 45-60 days to obtain permits from the TABC." Or: "Will the election change the zoning where bars (alcoholic beverage establishments) are allowed?" Short answer: No. Or: "Will the election affect where stores that sell alcohol are allowed?" That's a two-parter: "Yes, if the store sells only beer or wine. No, if the package store sells hard liquor."

And for those Friends who've asked about beer barns, there's this climactic Q&A at the briefing's end: "Q: Can the city impose additional regulations on businesses that sell alcohol, such as convenience stores, beer barns, or drive-through windows? A: No." Take a shot if you guessed that falls under TABC's jurisdiction as well.