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There's Yet Another Reality Series Set Here to Debut This Fall -- A&E's Storage Wars: Dallas

Well, at least this one isn't about wealthy singles who like to mingle.

A&E Network has just announced that coming to a small screen this fall is the local spin-off of its what's-behind-door-No.-1 hit series in which treasure hunters risk small fortunes in the hopes of digging up big rewards hidden in storage units. Or something. From the release, courtesy The Hollywood Reporter:

Storage Wars: Dallas - Premieres 3Q 2011

A&E's top-rated nonfiction franchise is heading to Dallas, Texas where the units, bankrolls, and buyers are bigger. Following four Dallas storage unit hunters, this series has all the intrigue of the original Storage Wars in a landscape chock-full of cowboys and oil tycoons.
Who keeps storage units? Nevertheless, interested.